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Product Category

Ball valve

The three-piece all-inclusive ball valve is a hygienic ball valve that is easy to install, disassemble and clean. It is used for gas, liquid and other materials. The valve range includes food, beverage and pharmaceutical and chemical industries.Full-bore and all-inclusive seals and valve design minimize fluid resistance and residue, making this valve the best choice for handling vacuum equipment or viscous fluids.
Technical Characteristics
Full-package ball valve design, no retention, high clean, to meet the CIP, SIP sterilization and cleaning requirements, high temperature 150 ℃ , pressure 25bar, automatic compensation seal design, with torque, long life and other characteristics, the normal switch 100,000 times, Can be equipped with a variety of executive structures, such as the electric head, horizontal pneumatic head, stainless steel three-dimensional pneumatic, the key manual handle, you can also install the control unit, positioner, position sensor,can also be installed automatic control system.
Surface Finish
All the surface CNC, 0.8rn, to RA0.4cm, electrical polishing up to 0.25cm.

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