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Zhejiang Aomi Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise that integrates design, forging, pressing, sale and service and specializes in the production of high-precision stainless steel sanitary pumps, valves, loose joints, pipe fittings, and tank accessories. Our products have come into wide use in such realms as food, pharmaceuticals, drinks, wine, dairy products, water treatment, and bioengineering. All our products have been produced in strict accordance with such standards as DIN, SMS, 3A, IDF, RJT, ISO and BS, and our product quality are in compliance with the GMP standard.
Our company has obtained the ISO9001 international quality management system
certification and the 3A certification. So far we have introduced the CNC NC equipment
LG MAZAK and the NC processing center from Korea.



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Factory Address: 3rd Floor, Building B, No. 400, Road 5, Road 14, Binhai Park, Longwan, Wenzhou, Zhejiang

International Sales Department
Contact: Zhang Zhan