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Powder Valve


The unique design principle of powder butterfly valve: gas pressure makes the valve seat extend to the valve disc It is easy to distribute the pressure for sealing at any time. When the valve is open and closed When closed, the disc and seat will not contact, and there will be no friction between the disc and the seat
Wipe. (for general butterfly valves, the friction between the disc and the seat will be reduced Valve performance and service life).
Only a small amount of torque is required to open and close the valve, and a smaller one can be used Actuator.
Experiments and documentation have shown that the expansion butterfly valve outperforms all other valves. send The service life can reach 1 ~ 3 million times. The expansion butterfly valve is especially suitable for powder Body, gas, liquid, etc Size range: 2 "(50 mm) ~ 12" (300 mm), applicable to American Standard and German standard
Flange standard and national standard.
Standard configuration: 1 set of valve, 1 set of actuator, 1 set of limit switch, 1 set ofControl device.
According to customer demand can be upgraded to: distribution valve, metering valve, etc

Performance characteristics
The expandable seat compensates for disc and seat wear
Long valve life
Minimum seat wear
Ultra low torque
 smaller actuators
It has proven advantages for erodible materials and solids
The disc is designed to prevent accumulation of material
Double shaft seal
multiple bearings
FDA compliant materials

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