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Double rotor metering valve


The double rotor metering valve is composed of two rotors. The large rotor is used for rough measurement and the small rotor is used for accurate measurement. The operation and use of the valve must be matched with the batching and weighing system. The clamp type assembly mode is convenient for users to disassemble and assemble quickly. This valve is mainly used for packing and metering of material and granular materials.


Data sheet

Specification: 6 ", 8", 10 "

Working pressure: 0.1 ~ + 0.5MPa

Working temperature: - 20 ~ + 135 ℃ (depending on sealing material)

Metal material: 304, 316L (part in contact with medium) 304 (part not in contact with medium)

Sealing material: PTFE (standard)

EPDM, silicone rubber (optional)

Surface treatment: RA < 0.4 (contact part with medium)

Surface polishing or electrolysis (part not in contact with medium)

Connection standard:ASME-BPE

Connection mode: welding, clamp, etc

Large rotor actuator: 0-90 degrees (Butterfly rotor), 0-180 degrees (Star rotor)

Small rotor actuator: 0-180 degree actuator, pneumatic motor

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