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Powder Discharge Valve


Working principle of powder star valve: when the material in the upper silo depends on its own weight Falling and filling in the gap between the blades, with the rotation of the blades or Reciprocating movement and unloading in the lower part, therefore, the powder star valve can Discharge the material quantitatively and continuously. Star discharge valve is commonly used in bulk materials, particles In the transportation of granular and powdery materials, and for the pressure output system Or negative pressure output system, powder star valve can be uniform and continuous Feed the material to the conveying pipe to ensure the stability of the material in the output pipe So that the bulk material transportation can work normally All the components are operated with compressed air to solve the problem of powder production Special requirements for explosion protection. Powder star valve as a simple
Convenient and fast conveying equipment, its stable performance, suitable for powder, particle It is widely used in food, biological products, milk powder Sugar industry

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