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HY2 Constant Pressure Valve

HY2 valve is a sanitary constant pressure valve. It can be used in stainless steel piping systems.
In the process pipeline, the HY2-1 series (constant inlet pressure) maintains a constant pressure at the inlet end of the valve, which is used at the rear of separators, heat exchangers and other equipment, and as an overflow valve.
HY2-2 series valves (constant outlet pressure) maintain a constant pressure at the outlet end of the valve. Typical application: the front part of filling machine bottling machinery and other equipment.
Working principle
HY2 series constant pressure valves are operated remotely by compressed air. A diaphragm/valve stem system can quickly respond to any pressure changes in the delivered product and change the valve stem position accordingly. In order to continue to maintain the preset pressure
Force value. Compressed air pressure is achieved through pressure regulating valves and pressure gauges.
The HY2-1 valve opens when the pressure of the conveyed product rises. On the contrary, when the pressure of the conveyed product drops, the two valves will be closed. The HY2-2 valve closes when the pressure of the conveyed product rises, on the contrary, the pressure of the conveyed product drops, the valve will open (the principle is as follows)

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