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Product Category

FH Double Seat Mix-Proof Valve

   Application requirements cover all types of mixing-proof operations that require two different products to flow through the same valve. Mainly used in the food industry such as wine, dairy products and beverages.
working principle
   FH6/FH8 its double-seat anti-mixing valve series are operated remotely by compressed air. The valve is normally closed under normal conditions.
   This type of valve has two independent spool seals, and a leakage cavity communicating with the atmosphere will be formed between the two seals under normal working conditions. In the case of accidents or product leakage that may occasionally occur, the product will flow into the leakage cavity and be discharged from the discharge port without causing product contamination or mixing; when the valve is open, the leakage cavity It is closed, and there is no product overflow during the normal operation of the valve. Therefore, the conveyed product can flow from one pipeline to another. This type of valve can be CIP cleaned.
   Aomi double seat valve series equipped with Aomi company’s ZK3 intelligent controller can not only realize the remote control of the double seat valve, but also realize real-time monitoring of the valve working status. It can also be equipped with only a position sensor.
  Omi double seat valve series can be matched with the 1066 controller of Baode Company by installing an adapter plate.
Technical parameter
Metal material Parts in contact with products 316L(1.4404)
Parts not in contact with the product 304(1.4301)
EN 10204 3.1b certificate available
Sealing material Standard configuration EPDM
Matching NBR\FPM\Silicone
Imported sealing materials are used. All sealing materials comply with FDA 177.2600
temperature Continuous operating temperature -20~+135℃(EPDM)
sterilization temperature 150℃(Max 20min)
pressure working pressure 0~5bar
Higher pressure requirements on the cable
Control air source pressure 6~8bar
surface treatment Internal surface treatment Ra≤0.8μm
External surface treatment Shot peening
connect Connection standard Welding end: DIN 11850 系列2
Welding end: InchPipe diameter standard
Connection mode: welding, thread, quick assembly and flange
Matching intelligent controller 24V DC
1 / 3 solenoid valves
position sensor 24V DC
2 / 3 / 4 NPN or PNP position sensors

Body configuration

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