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Sanitary Thread/ Welded Butterfly Valve

The BV6 series butterfly valve is a sanitary, automatic or manual butterfly valve, suitable for various applications in stainless steel piping systems.
Working principle
The BV6 series butterfly valve can be operated remotely by a pneumatic head or manually by a handle. There are three standard types of actuators, namely normally closed (NC) type, normally open (NO) type and
Air/air (A/A) type.
The actuator converts the axial movement of a piston into a 90* rotational movement of the valve shaft. When the circular disc in the valve body contacts the sealing ring of the butterfly valve, the torque of the actuator increases, and the valve is closed. Different manual operation handles can be used to mechanically lock the valve in opening, closing, middle or other Location. Realize the adjustment of the flow.

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