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Sanitary 2 Way Ball Valve

Whether it is manually or automatically operated, the ball valve is mainly used in processing beverages, brewing, oil refining, cosmetics and chemical industries.
Valve type: straight-through ball valve, three-piece ball valve, three-way ball valve
Ball core type: T type, L type, straight type
With cleaning drain
Material: AISI 304316L
Design and features
No maintenance required, smaller and lighter than other valves, with low operating torque
Gasket according to PTFE FDA 177.2600
Regardless of the flow direction of the liquid, the handle can be installed on the side valve body
Regardless of the connection method, the valve body can be exchanged without changing the total length of the valve
Connection: threaded, welded, clamp, flange, DIN, SMS, RJT, F and L can be equipped with pneumatic actuators, electric actuators
Material contact parts AlS|, 304/316L, other parts AISI 304
Certification: PED, 97/23/EC:
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