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αβ valve Split butterfly valve



The a-β valve is a highly engineered valve that is used for the hermetic conveyance and rotation of aseptic powder products or products that are harmful to the human body, protecting the personal safety of operators and reducing product cross-contamination. Main applications such as: isolator loading/unloading
Materials, reactor loading/unloading, batching, grinding, sampling, IBC transfer and other occasions under closed conditions.
The a-β valve is also designed with the function of a closed in-place cleaning process. Accessories can be fitted to clean the valve itself, the associated equipment or containers, such as: ASTS (Aseptic Rubber Stopper Transfer System) or IBC tanks or tanks.

The a-β valve provides a low-cost aseptic product transfer solution, which greatly improves the production efficiency of aseptic products and ensures the safety and reliability of the production process.

a-β valve for aseptic powder transfer system

The ax-β valve ensures the safety of the operating environment, economy and convenient operation are the best choice for the transformation of the original aseptic transfer program.

Diversified parts
Expand the application range of a-B valves.

Application example

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