Where are sanitary grade tees applicable?



Where are sanitary grade tees applicable?
The sanitary grade three way connection is suitable for processing and fluid pipeline connection in industries such as food and beverage, beer, mineral water, medicine, chemical industry, bioengineering, dairy products, etc. Sanitary grade tees refer to joints that can connect three stainless steel straight pipes. Sanitary grade tees also belong to the category of sanitary fittings and meet the national requirements for pipeline hygiene in terms of hygiene. When producing sanitary grade tee joint products, we consider the firmness of the joint and incorporate human aesthetic as an important production indicator. 
Sanitary grade three-way elbows can be divided into quick fitting elbows and welding elbows according to the connection method of the elbow. Quick fitting elbow refers to a stainless steel straight pipe with a specific thread at the elbow interface. Users can find a stainless steel straight pipe that matches the secondary thread, making it easy to connect three straight pipes that cannot be connected together. A sanitary grade tee with three equal diameters is an equal diameter tee; A reducing tee is a tee with the same diameter at both ends but a diameter at the confluence end that is different from the other two diameters.
Sanitary grade three-way external use of high-end polishing equipment for processing, meeting surface precision requirements; Purchase imported welding machine equipment for spot welding of quick assembly pipe fittings and threaded pipe fittings. When we operate and use sanitary grade tees, they have a wide range of applications, mainly in these areas.